Kitchen Adventures from Gran’s Book

Get stuck into Gran’s cookbook and join in on the fun as we revamp retro cooking.

My Gran’s cookbook is covered in weathered brown paper and it has scraps of yellow paper (with the lines slightly faded) peeking out of the book begging to be caressed.

The blue-ink writing (assuming it’s blue, unless the black has started to fade) dots the pages on both sides of the exercise book.  Random cut-out pictures dot the inside of the book, stuck down with glue which is leaving remnants of yellow stains as the pages lift and separate from each other.

These exercise books are filled with memories, stories and laughter of a time gone by.  A time when ingredients were bought from the “general dealer” and the recipes were exchanged (like secrets and guarded as such).

A by-gone time where camaraderie meant “street parties” and listening to LPs in the neighbor’s living room – kids lying on their stomachs, feet swinging in the air behind their backs.

Join me in cracking open the splatter-stained cookbook and recreate smells, sounds and moments shared by the special people you surround yourself with.

(You might have to bring a conversion table with you though.)

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