Oh my, Japanese gin in my hands!

img_bota_main_pcThe Japanese Gin has made its debut in South-Africa, and it’s in my hands.

Japanese whiskey producer, Suntory, produced an export quality gin with traditional Japanese ingredients. This limited edition, specifically produced for the travel retail space, (Roku’s GTR edition) has a “more prominent” flavour of cherry blossom sakura and a general neutral base of grain.

The Roku (Japanese for six) gin features six Japanese botanicals in addition to eight others traditionally found in gin. The Japanese elements are cherry blossom, cherry leaves, green tea (sencha), refined green tea (gyokuro), Japanese pepper and yuzu along with eight other traditional gin botanicals. The label is printed with Japanese washi paper. Initially available in Japan, it’s now appearing in international markets. Amelia Visser (Vino de Vie) gifted me a bottle all the way from Heathrow International Airport (UK).

We are very excited and honoured to bring Roku Japanese gin to global markets and a special Select Edition to global travel retail,” said Jeanette Edwards, Beam Suntory international brand director.

A bottle design that reflects the aesthetics of Japan


The six natural Japanese botanicals are embossed on the hexagonal bottle that symbolises ROKU (which means ‘six’ in Japanese).
The bottle label is printed on washi paper, further highlighting Japanese craftsmanship and sentiment. The bold calligraphy running across the label emphasises this feeling.

The perfect serve

ROKU Gin & Tonic

The warm, pungent flavour of ginger further highlights the unique quality of the Japanese botanicals.  This ROKU Gin & Tonic evokes the style of Japan.


1. Use six thinly sliced sticks of ginger.

2. Pour 50ml of ROKU into a measuring glass.

3. Add the ginger sticks and ROKU to a long glass filled with ice and tonic water.

4. Serve and enjoy.

I am yet to crack open my bottle of Roku gin; but when I do…it will be a celebratory occasion filled with laughter, love and appreciation.

To find out more about the gin: click here.



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