12 Tonics to Christmas: Caprese Cocktail

My twist on a “Bloody Mary” – but with flavoured tonic.
Today I decided to spruce things up with a twist on a “Bloody Mary”, with the Double Dutch Pomegranate & Basil Tonic and fresh basil and tomatoes.  If you are a fan of the traditional Bloody Mary Cocktail, you will love this version.

I recommend sipping this drink over a leisurely brunch; with friends and family.

12 Tonics to Christmas: Green Elf

With Christmas approaching and the festive season kicking off in full swing, how about a little “green helper” to treat your festive friends?

Today’s #12TonicsToChristmas is non-alcoholic and boasts a refreshing finish as an alternative to the traditional gin and tonics.  This drinks packs all the punch of a fruity and fresh g&t, but without the g(uilt).  This post is packed full of exciting items…take a look…