12 Tonics to Christmas: Middle Eastern Gin and Rose Tonic

The fragrant crack of the cardamom and rose transports you to the middle east for a festive season filled with spice and flair.  Think far-away lands filled with myrrh and frankincense, especially during this time of the year.  See in your mind’s eye the heaps of spices, loud chatter of merchants and piles of delicate rose petals surrounded by the smell of rose essence and oriental mysteries.

On the #12TonicsToChristmas blog series I looked at showcasing the Tonic, more than the alcohol or the other bits and pieces.  

Featuring the “newish” addition to the Toni Glass Collection is their Rose-flavoured tonic.

12 Tonics to Christmas: Caprese Cocktail

My twist on a “Bloody Mary” – but with flavoured tonic.
Today I decided to spruce things up with a twist on a “Bloody Mary”, with the Double Dutch Pomegranate & Basil Tonic and fresh basil and tomatoes.  If you are a fan of the traditional Bloody Mary Cocktail, you will love this version.

I recommend sipping this drink over a leisurely brunch; with friends and family.

12 Tonics to Christmas: Espresso Tonic

During my research and development of the #12TonicsToChristmas series, I cam across an interesting concoction which seemed strange and innovative.  

I will honestly tell you, my curiosity got the better of me.